SAP MaxAttention

Rob van der Marck | 25.05.208  10.39 CET | Support

SAP introduceert een nieuwe versie van SAP MaxAttention, een uitgebreid premium service- en ondersteuningspakket om klanten te helpen hun ‘total cost of ownership’ (TCO) te verlagen tijdens hun digitale transformatie.

SAP MaxAttention biedt SAP-klanten toegang tot een onsite SAP-ondersteuningsteam, technische expertise en een raamwerk voor hybride support.

Een opsomming van de belangrijkste punten uit het persbericht:

  • SAP today introduced a new version of SAP MaxAttention services, an expanded premium service and support plan to help customers lower their total cost of ownership (TCO) while digitally transforming their businesses. SAP MaxAttention provides SAP customers with access to an on-site support team from SAP, technical expertise and hybrid support frameworks.

  • The latest version of SAP MaxAttention has been expanded to cover business and IT needs across all SAP solutions to deliver services and outcomes tailored to customers’ unique focus areas and goals. The updated version enables customers to review the progress of their digital transformation, move a wider range of their solutions to the cloud and choose their parameters of support.

  • These enhancements address the evolving needs of SAP customers, who require simplified guidance in digital integration processes to help lower their TCO.

  • To provide SAP customers with end-to-end, personalized support, the new and improved SAP MaxAttention offering will provide:
    - Holistic engagement model
    - Comprehensive portfolio coverage
    - Predictable outcomes
  • As the demands of the digital economy continue to shift, SAP MaxAttention will evolve to accelerate SAP software adoption both in the cloud and on premise.

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