Google Cloud: data foundation for the Sustainable Enterprise

SAP and Google Cloud can help you achieve your sustainability goals and innovate faster than ever before. During the session Eddy Reimerink and Danielle Brannon will focus on how Google can help out companies tranforming into a data-driven sustainable organisations.

Let’s take a look at how Google Cloud accelerates organizations’ ability to become sustainable and digitally transform their business by going in-depth into four pillars:

1 Digital Sustainability
2 Sustainable Value Chains
3 Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Process Transformation
4 Climate Risk & Resilience

Also the role of SAP into the Google Cloud’s offering will be discussed. And you will learn how easy it is to create an integrated foundation for the future, based on S/4HANA and Google Data Signals using the Google Cloud Cortex framework. With a live demo you will see yourself how you can monitor sustainability targets.

Let’s start your sustainability journey together with Google Cloud and SAP!


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About the speakers

Eddy Reimerink is SAP Sales and Business Development specialist at Google Cloud. 
He leads the SAP on Google Cloud business for the Benelux region and in parallel, Eddy is actively engaged driving the EMEA Go To Market of the Google Cloud Cortex Framework and is driving a joint global engagement with SAP about the sustainability topic.

Before joining Google Cloud in 2019, Eddy served as Chief Digital Officer for SAP in The Netherlands and was a member of the large deal team at SAP EMEA’s Center of Excellence

Danielle Brannon is a Solution Manager for Google Cloud Cortex Framework. 
Her global role includes working closely with customers to help them accelerate the value and outcomes they can achieve with the best of Google's Data Cloud. Danielle is also responsible for solution Go To Market launches as well as solution strategy, use cases and roadmap planning. Working closely with Solution Engineering, Danielle helps to ensure delivery of solution content that can help customers kick start their insights and advanced analytics journeys. 

Before joining Google Cloud in 2018, Danielle worked as an Enterprise Analytics Architect at a FTSE 10 Consumer Packaged Goods company managing the transition of the technical analytics landscape to cloud as well as an SAP Applications Consultant and Analytics Solution Developer. 

Eddy Reimerink, SAP Sales and Business Development specialist - Google Cloud    Danielle Brannon, Solution Manager, Cortex Framework - Google Cloud     

11-10-2022 14:00 - 14:45
Eddy Reimerink, SAP Sales and Business Development & Danielle Brannon, Solution Manager, Cortex Framework - Google Cloud

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