Optimal Spend Management: Now more than ever

A fireside chat, approximately 15 minutes, with John Wookey President, SAP Intelligent Spend and Business Network, talking SAP’s vision on Procurement with Bas Klein, VNSG ad interim Director.

What are the biggest changes happening that will influence the procurement, what is SAP’s advice towards customers, are a couple of questions that John will address during this interview. Also he will explain what One Procurement means.

Afterwards Bernard Stoit of Ariba SAP Nederland will address the Dutch procurement community with a summary of what you can expect from the VNSG & SAP following up on John's vision.

Meer informatie over de sprekers John Wookey  en Bas Klein 

John WookeyPresident,
Intelligent Spend and
Business Network - SAP SE

Bas KleinDirector a.i.
Bernard Stoit, Solution Advisor @SAP Ariba
11-11-2021 16:00 - 16:45
John Wookey, Intelligent Spend and Business - SAP SE & Bas Klein, Director a.i. - VNSG

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