Next Gen Manufacturing software

Next Gen Manufacturing software
Hoor het laatste nieuws direct van Salvatore Castro van SAP Global Solution Management over de next gen SAP Manufacturing-software én hoe SAP innovatie en schaalvergroting voor haar klanten kan ondersteunen.

Zijn sessie zal Engelstalig zijn, daarom is verder informatie ook in het Engels.

The Next Generation of Manufacturing Operations Management from SAP
SAP is a continuously evolving and leading the way when it comes to technology & industry process innovation and the area of manufacturing is at the forefront of leveraging and benefiting from this leap forward.

SAP’s offering also combines the scale and innovation you get from cloud with the value of locally run software that ensures scale and performance to ensure the best possible experience. Sam presents the next generation MES applications and how they benefit operations and also link them with asset performance, planning, inventory, and automation to provide world-class analytical views at every level across your organization.

Follow the SAP Digital Supply Chain & Manufacturing community to find out the latest on innovations and feature manufacturing roadmaps.

Meer informatie over de spreker: 
11-11-2021 10:00 - 10:45
Salvatore Castro, Director LoB Manufacturing - SAP SE

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