Business Opportunities with Intelligent ERP

Business Opportunities with Intelligent ERP
The digitally transformed economy creates risks and equally offers various business opportunities. Putting aside “extraordinary situations”, customers expectation are everything, but not “just the normal”. The bar for great services is raised higher than ever before. The challenge is to make every touch point great, not only the storefront promise.

Bert Schulze will address in this SAP keynote which business opportunities of a digitally transformed economy will be possible using an Intelligent ERP system. Bert will share insights into Business Model Transformations and its impact on core Enterprise processes and link it to the SAP Product Strategy. If mastered well, the right mix of intelligent processing and innovation adoption support companies´ transformation and enable to Rise to the occasion based on SAP S/4HANA.

More about Bert O. Schulze
Bert is the a senior member of the SAP S/4HANA Product Management organisation. In his role he drives Product Success & Co-Innovation with Customers and Partners for SAP´s ERP offering, built for the Digital Economy and oversees the S/4HANA Customer Adoption programs like S/4HANA Cloud Customer Care, S/4HANA Customer Care and the S/4HANA Regional Implementation Group.

Before he was in various roles with SAP, globally and as senior member of the SAP Cloud Global Customer & Market Strategy Group. In his role, Bert closely cooperates with customers and partners to assess market requirements and interweave with SAP´s SaaS Strategy and Portfolio.

Bert Schulze´s profound experience in working with clients in different roles as Solution Architect, Business Developer and International Sales help him to analyse and transfer market and client issues directly into the solution development process with the goal to help clients achieve competitive advantages based on requirement driven next generation software and services.

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11-11-2021 09:00 - 09:45
Bert Schulze VP, S/4HANA Product Success, Co-Innovation & Product Engineering at SAP SE

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