Unified Enterprise Performance Management on SAP HANA

Unified Enterprise Performance Management on SAP HANA
Close, consolidation, planning, analysis, reporting, disclosure, and compliance — complete processes faster by using a single source of validated data.

Optimized, tested, and certified ‘powered by SAP HANA’, CCH Tagetik on SAP HANA goes beyond basic integration and offers the ultimate in data processing performance. By combining CCH Tagetik’s market leading unified platform with SAP HANA’s in-memory technology, you’ll leverage your investment in SAP to expedite processes, harness granular data, and gain greater insights.

Finance-owned and available on the cloud, CCH Tagetik on SAP HANA gives you the flexibility to adapt to change quickly. Enable advanced analysis and predictive analytics. Lay a foundation for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Prepare for SAP HANA and the future with CCH Tagetik today. 

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4-11-2020 16:00 - 16:45
Roel Haverland, CCH Tagetik Benelux - Managing Director

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