A glimpse inside tomorrow's order management

A glimpse inside tomorrow's order management
Preparing your business for changes to come!

Once an Order Management (OM) automation initiative gets off the ground, the future of your Customer Service department may seem a little fuzzy. There might be uncertainty surrounding the ways in which staff roles and operations will shift after automating — that’s why knowing exactly how it will alter day-to-day activities and prepare your business for these changes is imperative for a successful automation project.

Join our digital workshop where we’ll discuss how to prepare your organization for the changes that accompany automating OM processes and learn about the far-reaching benefits you’ll be able to achieve, including:

Less time wasted looking for documents & fewer repetitive tasks
Stronger, lasting relationships with customers
Improved employee productivity, satisfaction & retention
Heightened process visibility with accurate, real-time data

Ensure OM automation success for your business — register for the workshop today!

Door middel van inschrijving voor deze sessie ga je er mee akkoord dat je gegevens gedeeld worden met de partner die deze sessie organiseert. Indien je niet wilt dat je gegevens worden gedeeld, kun je dit doorgeven via de e-mail met de inloggegevens die je uiterlijk één werkdag voor de sessie ontvangt.
4-11-2020 11:00 - 11:45
Quinten Lookamp, Esker - SAAS Account Executive

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