Impact holistic industry 4.0 op SAP enterprise architectuur

Impact holistic industry 4.0 op SAP enterprise architectuur
De impact van intelligent enterprise en industry 4.0 is top of mind van vele (business) consultants, (ERP) managers and CxO’s. ICT professionals worstelen met vragen zoals; welke functionaliteit kan ik effectief gebruiken binnen mijn SAP domein, wat is de impact op mijn huidige solution architectuur en hoe ziet de geintegreerd roadmap naar de intelligent enterprise eruit ? Tijdens de industry 4.0 thema middag zullen verschillende domein eigenaren voor b.v. Customer Experience, Smart factory & logistics, Cognitive procurement, Integrated business planning en central finance hun visie en de beslissingen toelichten die zij genomen hebben om te komen tot een agile intelligent enterprise architectuur. Tevens zal SAP EMEA business transformation VP de intelligence industry 4.0 roadmap van SAP toelichten. For more information or enrollment, please send a mail to ;

Industry 4.0 originally was used for manufacturing (smart factory). The term was introduced during the Hanover Messe in 2011. During the years, the scope of industry 4.0 has been extended with smart logistics, smart transportation, smart service, smart buildings, smart grids and smart cities.

Industry 4.0 is disrupting relationships across manufacturers, customers, and suppliers. Companies are adding sensors to machines and products, making smart things able to receive and share real-time information. Everything will be connected: every asset, material, supplier, employee, warehouse, truck and customer.

This brings the customer data into the product value chain. Tightly integrated ecosystems of companies working together to provide optimal value to customers, this will redefine what a product or service is and the value it provides to customers. As more products incorporate digital technologies, products will become data platforms for value creation.

This requires that the enterprise architecture maintains standards for digital technologies, application interfaces, cloud platforms and predictive technologies.

The following picture gives an overview of the industry 4.0 project portfolio and the impact on the business process architecture.

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