Welke verbeteringen zijn er opgeleverd op jouw vakgebied?
Mientje Paais | 17.08.2018  10.32 CET

SAP heeft een flink aantal verbeteringen doorgevoerd. Bekijk welke verbeteringen zijn opgeleverd in SCM en EAM. Ook op het vlak van CRM, S/4HANA SD & SAP Solution Manager kunnen organisaties verbeterde functionaliteiten downloaden.

Op de SAP Improvement Finder website kun je selecteren op jouw vakgebied en de details van deze verbeteringen bekijken.  

Customer Engagement & Commerce (CEC / CRM)
  • Add logo / picture for accounts and contact persons
  • Multi level categorization delta transport
  • Search for email based on content in the body and attachments
  • Interaction Center - Allow full text search for email

S/4HANA | SD Sales and Billing

  • VD51 CMIR mapped to multiple materials for the same customer
  • Overview SAP note for all available SD user parameters
  • Add multiple selection for sales organization in transaction VFX3
  • VD51/VD52/VD53: Ability to display additional columns
  • VF04: Selection by sales office
  • VF04: selection by creator
  • Invalidity flag for price conditions
  • Changelog: additional selection criteria
  • VA01/VA21: Determination of shipping condition out of ship-to-party master
  • VD52: Upload new/changed customer material data and enlarge the table control
  • Use of serial number to determine reference document (sales order or invoice) for returns order
  • Display the first three incompleteness fields in incompleteness reports (V.02 and VA06)
  • Transaction VD52: Add customer material as additional select-option parameter
  • Documentations for some SD-APIs are missing
  • VA02 Open Account assignment group for change

Change and Release Management 2018 in SAP Solution Manager 

  • Generate URL link to a specific Change Document in Web UI
  • Fiori App for ChaRM
  • Archiving of ChaRM Transactions
  • Project ID Needs to be ChaRM Cycle

Process Management 2018 in SAP Solution Manager

  • Create View Down to Transaction Level
  • Editing documents in Solution documentation
  • Change Default Layout on User level for List and Element Views
  • Display documents of process step originals in list views of process step references
  • Restriction on Views visibility
  • User Information at the attributes 
  • Filter attributes in LIST
  • Authorize and restrict the Scope Functionality in SolMan 
  • Have deleted Sol Doc item show up as an entry in Sol Doc Assignment Block of Change Document

Test Suite 2018 in SAP Solution Manager

  • Reference the project from PPM in Test Suite and ITSM
  • Test Package mass copy

SAP EAM Plant Maintenance

  • Copy possibility for operation with services and/or components
  • Closing outstanding orders and notifications when setting deletion flag in FuncLoc/Equipment
  • IP16: Display the frequency of a maintenance plan
  • Collective entry of measurement documents / Sammelerfassung von Messbelegen
  • 15283: Profile for default values within creation of Maintenance Plans -/- Profil für Vorschlagswer
  • 7456: copy of components (and tasks) within an order -/- Kopieren von Komponenten (und  Vorgängen) 
  • Create preventive maintenance plan by copying existing maintenance plan
  • IP11: Maintenance Strategy by Plant
  • Extend order mass change function to include user status

SCM - Service Parts Planning 

  • SPP Cockpit Usability
  • Open Quantity Calculation in SNC
  • ASUG SPM IC #9 - SPP Deployment Locks
  • Forecast profile change log
  • DRP recalculation data saving functionality on DRP matrix(just like we have in forecasting screen)
  • Service run summary
  • Provide Ability to Override Forecast Values in Mass
  • Forecast Model Change