SAP helpt circulaire bedrijven door passend software te ontwikkelen. Draag je ook een steentje bij? 

Mientje Paais | 16.08.2018  13.30 CET

Draagt jouw bedrijf actief bij aan het bevorderen van een circulaire economie? Wil je met SAP Development aan tafel om jouw specifieke systeemeisen voor een circulaire bedrijfsvoering kenbaar te maken? En nog belangrijker: dat deze wensen ook worden ontwikkeld? 

Zorg ervoor dat je aanhaakt bij het project:  Customer Engagement Initiative Circular Economy! Lees hieronder over de scope van dit project.

Project informatie

We are looking for customers interested in developing their business in the direction of a Circular Economy. We will do design thinking workshops to identify promising use cases and may start to build proof-of-concepts with the inputs and ideas we gather through our co-innovation. Expect to inspire and be inspired, learn from other participants, and push us and our software development in the direction beneficial for your business, society, and the environment. The engagement will likely entail joint workshops at manageable intervals. The esimated effort for customers 1 to 2 days per quarter.

Target audience
Experts from the area of sustainability, product design, manufacturing and logistics who are passionate about Circular Economy from end-user organisations or from partners.

About Circular Economy
A circular economy is one that is restorative and regenerative by design, and which aims to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value at all times.” (Ellen MacArthur Foundation) The paradigm of “Circular Economy” is motivated by the challenges to secure the supply of critical raw materials, to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills, and to limit environmental pollution of land, air, and the sea.

Concepts like eco-design, built-to-last, built-to-repair, built-to-recycle, product-as-a-service offerings, asset sharing, re-manufacturing, waste recycling, and reverse logistics are central to the circular economy paradigm. 
The expected benefits are manifold and include the reduction of waste, pollution, material use/cost, supply risk, risk of losing the license to operate due to failing compliance, as well as the increase of asset utilization, innovation, and brand image.

Wil jouw organisatie participeren in dit innovatieve project? Schrijf dan een e-mail aan Mientje Paais van de VNSG om direct met productdevelopment in contact te komen!

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