Wereldwijde enquête van IFG for Integration

Hans de Labije | 15.11.2017  14.47 CET | Focusgroepen

Benieuwd naar de resultaten van de wereldwijde enquête die is gehouden door de International Focus Group for Integration? We zetten de voornaamste resultaten voor je op een rij.


    1. Growing user base and number of installations with more than 1.000 interfaces

    2. Java-Only installations are becoming preferred usage type

    3. 75% do not consider point to point scenarios

    4. Stability and performance rated as very solid, to excellent (continuous increasing trend)  -
       Monitoring remains a challenge Testing is an increasing opportunity for optimization

Cloud Integration

    1. Cloud integration is increasing rapidly

    2. PI/PRO and SAP Cloud Platform do lead for Integration

    3. HR and Procurement processes in focus

Internet of Things

    1. Already 1/3 do see the need for IOT Integration

    2. MQTT most popular protocol by far

Lees hier het uitgebreide rapport.