14-3 IBP (MRO) 4 Supply and Maintenance planning

14-3 IBP (MRO) 4 Supply and Maintenance planning
Many companies are struggling with the integration of supply chain planning and maintenance planning within an IBP (Integrated Business Planning) MRO platform. Industry 4.0 business projects (like digital twin, real time supply chain and servitization) require also the following IBP integrations:

1 IBP Integration with the operational business suite platforms for the sales forecast (CX), demand forecast (SCM) and asset maintenance forecast (AM). 

2 IBP Integration with the business networks (logistics, sustainability and transportation) and asset data platforms (IoT) for optimal responsiveness to changes in the market and asset at the plants and customer sites. 

3 IBP Integration with the MRO service management platform to plan the inventory levels of the spare parts and available workforce based on the planned services orders to optimize asset availability and reliability and align the supply chain plan with the plant maintenance & serv
ice management plan. 

4 IBP Integration with financial planning and analytics (e.g. SAP SAC)
The objectives of this session are shown in this picture : 

  • Introduction of the IBP integration objectives and IBP workshop
  • SAP IBP supply chain overview and the IBP integration with business networks and (data) platforms at customers (e.g. Microsoft)
  • Break
  • IBP planning with iMRO (Maintenance, Repair Overhaul) best practices at customers (e.g. KLM E&M MRO)
  • IBP planning with SAP IBP MRO best practices at customers (e.g. Roy Hill mining)
  • IBP workshop based on 5 most urgent IBP integration issues

More elaborate information on the content of the session

We have created a blog so participants can pre-read about what will be presented during this session: 
Integrated Business Planning (IBP MRO) 4 Supply and Maintenance planning - VNSG workshop on 14 March

These following topics will also be discussed: 

  1. What integration (Logistics business networks) are required within your integrated IBP platform?
  2. What are your main issues with your integrated IBP platform?
  3. What additional functionality is missing in your SAP IBP platform?
  4. What are the plans with integrated solutions (e.g. servitization) and what is the impact on the demand and supply planning?
  5. How is the Supplier Spend Analysis (SSA) and Customer Life time Value (CLTV) calculated? (e.g. logistics, distribution, complaints, service, invoice, payment costs)

Are you a stakeholder in one or more of mentioned areas? Please join this session by loggin in at the VNSG website & pushing the registration button. Your participation will be confirmed by a separate e-mail when the event is due.

14-3-2024 13:00 - 18:00
Amerikastraat 10 5232BE, Den Bosch

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