19-10 Collaborative IBP for integrated business solutions

19-10 Collaborative IBP for integrated business solutions
The collaboration of integrated business planning (SAP IBP) with the business networks (Ariba guided buying, LBN, AIN, CE demand planning) will improve the resilience of the supply chain. The long term (1-3 year) integrated business solutions orders and contracts (combination of asset, maintenance orders, consumables and pay per use software licenses) requires a sophisticated approach for IBP and IFP (Integrated Financial Planning) in order to optimize the contract profitability for the contract period. (servitization) The customer uses cases on the agenda will explain the alignment of collaborative IBP with supply chain and demand planning and the alignment with integrated business solutions.

The draft agenda will be as follows;
-1- Introduction of collaborative IBP and IFP with Business networks.
-2- SAP IBP vision on the digital twin of the supply chain
-3- Integration of supply planning (ARIBA) with IBP and the use of business networks
-4- Integration of IBP with integrated financial planning (IFP) and business networks
-5- Integrated financial planning (IFP) for integrated business solution (SAP BRIM)
-6- Workshop on the future of collaborative IBP for integrated business solutions.
(more details on the customer details will follow soon)

The following picture gives an overview of alignment of integrated business planning (IBP) and Integrated Financial planning (IFP) 

Within the presentations the following topics will also be discussed;

1                  What other (market) data is used to defined the demand and supply chain forecast ?

2                 How the demand forecast spread across the different customer channels (web, CIC, sales, partners)

3                 What are the plans with integrated solutions (servitization) and what is the impact on the demand and supply planning

4                 How is the SSA, CLTV, calculated and are the CLTV/ SSA components part of the demand forecast (e.g. Logistics, distribution, Complaints, service, invoice, payment costs)

5                 What are the plans with Collaborative business networks platforms (e.g. Logistics Business Networks (shipments)) ?

19-10-2023 13:00 - 18:00
Amerikastraat 10 5232BE, Den Bosch

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