04-04 Focusgroepsessie UEX: SAPUI5 2.x: A Sneak Peek

04-04 Focusgroepsessie UEX: SAPUI5 2.x: A Sneak Peek
Engage with us in a comprehensive webinar on April 4 dedicated to discussing the planned release of SAPUI5 2.x.

SAPUI5 has been a solid foundation for enterprise apps for more than a decade and is still in its first major version. Despite continuous evolution and the dedicated SAPUI5 modularization project from a few years ago, SAPUI5 has remained compatible.

However, with new requirements, such as the demand for strict Content Security Policy, as well as the evolution of major browsers (e.g. the introduction of new technologies), SAPUI5 needs to adapt.

Learn how SAPUI5 is preparing for the future by leaving behind outdated concepts like synchronous network requests. Find out how you can take advantage of SAPUI5 2.x. Understand the resulting impact on SAP’s applications, your own applications, and the system landscape. Preview the new SAPUI5 and get guidance for your way forward.


  • Jens Ittel, Area Product Owner UI5 Core
  • Stefan Beck, Chief Product Owner UI5
4-4-2024 16:00 - 17:00
online MS Teams

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