27-06 Webinar Customer Experience support into the Product

27-06 Webinar Customer Experience support into the Product
SAP’s Built-in Support - A New Customer Experience Bringing Support Into the Product. Learn how built-in support works as an integrated part of SAP applications, see how it re-defines customers’ support experience, get insight into the technology behind built-in support, and find out how your company can benefit from it.
SAP’s digital support experience (DSX) with support built into the product provides customers with direct in-solution access to support through an intelligent digital assistant and represents a fundamental shift in how SAP Support interacts with customers in the cloud business. 

This radically simplifies the process of requesting help and resolving the issue through machine learning, sophisticated intent-matching features, and context-sensitive knowledge that provides personalized support.
Presenter: Wilhelm Juette, CPO Support, SAP Austria
27-6-2019 10:00 - 11:00

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