24-6 IFG for Integration - Online SAP Integration DAY

24-6 IFG for Integration - Online SAP Integration DAY
Op 24 juni organiseert de IFG voor Integratie een online internationale Integratiesessie. In drie uur tijd word je als integratiespecialist bijgepraat over de actuele ontwikkelingen op jouw vakgebied. Bekijk de agenda en meld je aan.


09:00 – 09:10 Welcome! - Hermann Steinroetter (BP Europe SE)

Introduction IFG including comments on Customer Influencing / Monthly Webcast   

09:10 -10:00 Update Integration Suite – recent innovations and roadmap incl. 15min Q&A - Udo Paltzer (SAP SE)

Session will cover an update of SAP Integration Suite including recent innovation and key roadmap topics with focus on API Management, Cloud Integration, Integration Advisor and SAP API Business Hub.

10:00- 10:25 Etex - Accelerated migration from SAP PI to SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite - Stefan Borgmans & Tim Van Den Berghe (ETEX & Flexso)
As a result of a long history of growth and expansions, the organization's IT landscape became complex and decentralized (geographically and architecturally). For this reason Etex started a cloud-focused transformation journey to streamline their IT landscape, called "One Etex".
As part of its "One Etex" strategy, Etex decided to replace its on-premise SAP Process Integration with SAP Integration Suite. In this session we will cover the integration journey of Etex to the cloud.

10:25-10:40 Break
10:40-11:15  Fielmann Integration Strategy - Dr. Marcel Christ, Thorsten Düvelmeyer (Fielmann) 
Over the last years we created a lot of integrations with a heterogenous tool landscape from different vendors. With the start of our S/4 Greenfield implementation, our Cloud First Strategy@Fielmann and the grown complexity in our existing integration landscape, we decided to build a new integration strategy and architecture with a clear cloud approach. We will outline our requirements, pain points and how we used ISA-M for our new integration strategy. Beside the strategy we build new interfaces with the AIF in SAP S/4, the Integration Suite and other services in the BTP with a focus on automation where possible. We will present our situation today, targets for 2021 and learnings we had so far.

11:15-11:40  Event driven architecture at - Edgar & Cooper -  Jorn Othmer and Ewout Devos (Delaware)
Organizations change and will continue to change. Business processes must not be limited by the supporting IT-systems to follow all of these changes. This requires loosely couple IT-systems which don’t rely on each other. This is where an event-driven architecture comes in place where a change of state in 1 system is distributed within the IT-systems using an event. At Edgar & Cooper  we implemented SAP S/4 HANA Cloud using an event-driven architecture to easily integrate with 3rd party software.

11:40- 12:20 SKF on the API First approach - Pontus Borgstrom, Sachin Arora (SKF)
SKF on the API First approach. Overview of how SKF have changed the whole organization to an agile Product driven work and how architecture works seamless over the product areas of API Management, SKF iPaaS (A2A and platform) and B2B.

12:20-12:30 Close Out - Holger Himmelmann (cbs)
24-6-2021 09:00 - 12:30

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