18-06 Design-to-Operate Intelligent Enterprise - Overview

18-06 Design-to-Operate Intelligent Enterprise - Overview
With SAP’s supply chain solutions, you get the operational visibility and customer intelligence to manage your entire supply chain digitally and execute flawlessly today, while transforming your business for the future.
SAP’s supply chain solutions digitally connect your entire supply chain from design to operate. So you can deliver at your best today, while you adapt and continuously improve to reshape how you deliver tomorrow. With SAP, you can create a digital mirror of your complete supply chain—from design, planning and manufacturing to logistics and ongoing maintenance—embedding intelligence from beginning to end and ensuring your customers are central to every phase of your business. 
You get total visibility as products are designed, delivered and deployed by connecting your business processes with real-time data from assets, equipment, customers and suppliers. 
Only SAP can deliver all the processes and data with embedded innovations like 3D printing, IoT, machine learning, and blockchain into your everyday operations. 

Presenter: Lars Olson, Solution Manager Digital Products & Assets, SAP America
18-6-2019 17:00 - 18:00

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