16-04 How Signavio speeds up an ERP transformation project

16-04 How Signavio speeds up an ERP transformation project
De VNSG organiseert met SAP een aantal online kennissessies waarin de toegevoegde waarde van SAP Signavio wordt toegelicht. De eerste sessie gaat over de inzet van SAP Signavio om een SAP ERP transformatie project een boost te geven.

Lees de Engelstalige abstract hieronder en meld je aan voor deze online kennissessie! 

How to radically speed up your SAP ERP transformation project with SAP Signavio
With rapid changes and market disruptions, companies must stay agile and adapt fast to new market conditions while listening to customer demands to stay competitive. However, adapting operations and processes quickly and at scale can be challenging because they often have limited visibility into their current operations and processes with little control to drive the change.

Process analysis and mining give companies visibility over current processes and operations, helping them achieve process excellence and enabling an effective transformation.

Join  this webcast to learn how process analysis and mining can:
Help you to reduce risk and drive immediate and ongoing value during your transformation
Enable you to uncover opportunities to improve performance and efficiency with deep insights and root cause analysis on your data
Support you to manage complexity and remain both resilient and agile by improving and innovating continuously.

Nicoletta Ferone - SAP Signavio Solution Advisor

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