9-6 Webinar S/4HANA Movement - Step 4 Build your future

9-6 Webinar S/4HANA Movement - Step 4 Build your future
In samenwerking met de SAP Global Movement Office voor S/4HANA organiseert de VNSG de komende tijd vier webinars waarin elke keer één van de vier stappen van de transitie naar S/4HANA wordt uitgediept.

Step 4: Build your future
When it comes to deployment, multiple dimensions need to be considered. In this webinar the possibilities will be discussed. 

Choice of deployment lead: To help ensure that the implementation of SAP S/4HANA is safeguarded, value-assuring, and fully adopted at pace with and using the level of guidance that is most comfortable for customers, SAP has developed different methodologies and frameworks for both SAP and partner-led deployment projects.
SAP execution tools: SAP’s top goal is to provide tools that make SAP S/4HANA projects simple business for both customers and partners. As with any IT project, reliable planning, lower risk, and short project times with fewer test cycles are key.
SAP services: Customers want to deploy S/4HANA quickly with ready-to-run, pre-configured solutions based on years of SAP expert industry and line-of-business know-how. SAP Model Company provides those services and combines them with tailorable service packages of long-term, highly accountable, and flexible safeguarding solutions that are offered by SAP Value Assurance services.
Speakers: Lucas Remmers, Head of S/4HANA Move NL at SAP and William “Bill” Bowers, Global Vice President - S/4HANA Solution Management at SAP
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9-6-2020 14:00 - 15:00

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