9-6 Webinar Real-time tax calculations in SAP Ariba

9-6 Webinar Real-time tax calculations in SAP Ariba
Gesponsorde webinar: Join our webinar on how using a tax engine can help with real-time VAT validation in SAP Ariba to enhance your procure-to-pay process.

Many businesses operate SAP Ariba to process the procurement of materials and services simply and efficiently, particularly business overhead costs. However there are various tax requirements and VAT rules and regulations that are constantly changing and need to be taken into consideration.  Additionally, the EU-wide trend towards the reporting of VAT to tax authorities in real-time is increasing the pressure for businesses to ensure that controls are put in place so that invoices are processed and validated accurately.   

Join the webinar by Vertex, providers of tax solutions to learn more about how a tax engine enables real-time input tax validation for SAP Ariba.  
Learn more about:

  • The VAT features within SAP Ariba
  • The pitfalls that occur in practice
  • How to avoid the pitfalls and resulting VAT risks in the procurement process
  • How a tax engine can be used for complex tax calculations 

In addition, we will illustrate the collaboration between SAP Ariba and Vertex O Series using a case study.


Roger Lindelauf, Business development director, Vertex Inc.
Roger has over 30 years’ experience working as an SAP VAT architect and senior consultant to large multinational companies such as, Philips NV, Essent Trading International, Shell NV, Meridian Global VAT services etc. Roger has acquired strong experience in international VAT, SAP, understanding business requirements and working with VAT automation solutions to translate highly complex business requirements into sustainable, future proof tax technology solutions. At Vertex Roger leads the SAP practice to ensure best in class solutions and implementation for all our clients that we work with.

Ellen van Daal, Solutions engineer, Vertex  Inc.
Ellen has spent over 15 years in the arenas of international taxation and Tax Technology. She started her career at EY in The Netherlands and the worked in-house for a multinational real estate investment firm, where she was responsible for all different types of tax reporting (VAT & Tax Accounting) across the globe. Within Vertex, as well as VAT SME, she is a functional specialist on Vertex VAT Determination, Reporting and Data Management solutions, working with both partners and customers. 

Deze webinar wordt georganiseerd door Vertex in samenwerking met de VNSG.

9-6-2020 11:00 - 12:00

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