28-11 Webinar Digital Access & Adoption Program

28-11 Webinar Digital Access & Adoption Program
Webinar about digital Access, the Adoption Program and the Evaluation Service. In 2018 SAP announced an important change to modernize it’s licensing for Indirect Use. To enhance this further, in May 2019 SAP announced additional support for customer to adopt Digital Access licensing: the Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP). With this new program, SAP customers can move to our Digital Access license model with transparency and confidence, with a licensing model to support their future innovation plans.

This session will last around 45 minutes, and covers the following:

Summary of Digital Access Licensing, and how it covers use of the ECC/ S4 digital core via intermediary applications or interfaces
The core principles which underpin its value
Digital Access Document types
Commercial Options for conversion
Digital Access Evaluation Service
(measurement/ sizing)
Digital Access Adoption Program 
(commercial offer)
The webinar will be hosted by SAP License Compliance Management.
28-11-2019 14:00 - 15:00

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