8-5 Webinar HANA Graphical Modeling for Analytic Reports

8-5 Webinar HANA Graphical Modeling for Analytic Reports
SAP HANA Calculation View is a powerful option that many SAP customers use to prepare data for various analytic reporting front-ends. In this session we will highlight graphical modeling and Calculation Views in particular from several aspects. One aspect will be the unique features that Calculation Views offer for analytic modeling.

A short demo will illustrate how easy it is to develop models by using an intuitive interface. This graphical interface helps to hide the complexity involved and allows to focus on the modeling task itself instead. Another aspect will be how Calculation View modeling integrates into the new development environment of SAP Web IDE. Finally, the way forward, how to migrate Calculation Views into the new development environment, will be discussed.
Jan Zwickel, Product Manager SAP HANA, SAP SE
8-5-2019 10:00 - 11:00

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