04-04 Customer COE: Use Expert Chat to Solve Your Technical

04-04 Customer COE: Use Expert Chat to Solve Your Technical
Discover the SAP Next-Generation Support real-time channel Expert Chat and how it can help you implement and operate your SAP solutions, in any deployment model.

Expert Chat is a live chat service best suited for new medium or high priority issues. It instantly connects you to SAP technical support experts. Real-time interaction with screen sharing creates a faster and more direct route to issue resolution, which improves customer satisfaction while reducing project and operational costs. It's available for all support levels and almost all solutions – at no additional cost. 
Expert Chat benefits include:
* Time savings: Businesses that implement Expert Chat begin to experience significant increases in value from their maintenance and support agreements with SAP.
* Reduced downtime: Expert Chat can reduce the amount of time businesses spend supporting SAP products, including resolving incidents and issues.
* Efficient issue resolution: Through the Expert Chat service, SAP optimizes support process by consolidating all necessary information at an early stage to solve an issue during the interaction.  For more complex issues, a follow-up will take place as an incident.
Presenter: Janos Nagy, Expert Chat Program Manager & SAP Technology Ambassador, SAP Hungary
4-4-2019 15:00 - 16:00

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