23-01 SAP Transformation Navigator - webinar 5

23-01 SAP Transformation Navigator - webinar 5
SAP Transformation Navigator - Map Out Your Transformation Journey and Create Customer Output Documents:  * Understand the value and purpose of the Transformation Journey tab of the tool. * Gain a clear layout of the current products being used. The recommended products, and the type of transition involved in the transformation. * Prioritize the recommended transformations and decide which are most important for your SAP customer to first implement. * Download three types of customer output documents in various format: Business, Technical, and Transformation. * Dive into the Business Guide, which focuses on the customer's capabilities, value drivers, aspiration ranges and KPIs. * Dive into the Technical Guide which provides the customer's industry reference map, product recommendations and decision points.  * Dive into the Transformation Guide which shows the customer's transition heat map, license policies and services.

Sandra Graser, Industry Business Solutions Senior Specialist, SAP SE

23-1-2019 10:00 - 11:00

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