19-09 Focusgroup Retail - SAP Intelligent Returns Management

19-09 Focusgroup Retail - SAP Intelligent Returns Management
SAP Intelligent Returns Management 19 September between 15:00 - 16:00 through Teams. SAP Intelligent Returns Management is a cloud-based solution that combines SAP's Industry Cloud and SAP Business Technology Platform.

 It offers various key features that benefit different stakeholders:

-        Intelligent Customer Routing: This feature enhances the online consumer experience by recommending return options based on their location and preferences.

-        Intelligent Returns Dispositioning: Warehouse associates can efficiently handle returned goods with the help of available data.

-        AI-Driven Routing and Dispositioning: SAP Intelligent Returns Management utilizes artificial intelligence for routing and dispositioning decisions, streamlining the returns process.

-        Analytics Dashboard: Company executives gain greater visibility into end-to-end returns processes through this dashboard.


Sebastiaan de Jong from Asics will explain how Intelligent Return Management is used with Asics and Elke Landsberg from SAP will give the broader context of Intelligent Returns Management.


Hope to see you all the 19th of September! 

19-9-2023 15:00 - 16:00

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