11-5 SAP Business Process Intelligence - Overview & Roadmap

11-5 SAP Business Process Intelligence - Overview & Roadmap
Deze webinar wordt georganiseerd door SAP Duitsland. Daarom is de beschrijving Engelstalig. With SAP Business Process Intelligence SAP launches powerful solutions that supports customers' endeavors to improve, automate, accelerate, and better govern their processes.

Business process intelligence (BPI) solutions allow users to turn process insights into actions to help drive digital transformation. With data-driven elements and custom recommendations, the optimization process itself gets streamlined.

SAP BPI helps you gain insights into end-to-end process performance with process analytics, real-time monitoring and drive process improvements through many improvements, e.g. better automation of tasks, machine learning, all along with integrated process governance and continuous monitoring
11-5-2021 14:00 - 15:00

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