15-9 SMART Factory Solution Architecture 4 SAP workshop

15-9 SMART Factory Solution Architecture 4 SAP workshop
A smart factory integrates machines, devices, people and AI functionality into a connected ecosystem that learns from experience. A smart factory continuously self-correct and self-optimize smart manufacturing, logistical workflows and automated maintenance processes. How to begin a smart factory transformation will depend on where you are now, and which processes are the most critical to your business. A smart factory maturity check and roadmap based on a smart factory solution architecture will help you analyze existing processes and capabilities. Within this workshop we will explain the capabilities of the Smart factory solution architecture based on actual SAP use and customer cases. -

The agenda of the VNSG Industry 4.0 Smart Factory workshop on 15 September is;

  • Overview of the SAP SMART Factory capabilities and the SMART Factory Solution architecture.
  • Explain the SMART factory architecture based on use cases from the SAP smart factory lab in Waldorf and the NL experience center.
  • Integrated of SAP DM (Digital Manufacturing) and Smart warehousing in the SMART factory operations.
  • PLM integration with the SAP smart factory management
  • The SMART factory roadmap
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15-9-2022 13:00 - 18:00
11 228KC, Den Bosch

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