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The impact of Servitization on the (SAP) enterprise architecture

[img=/IMIS/images/Blogs/20190118 Blog Frank CX servitization.png]VNSG][/img] Servitization will transform the traditional product offerings into advanced service offerings and this will redefine the value propositions provided to customers. Servitiza

Digital twin raakt complete automatisering

[img=/iMIS/images/Blogs/DigitalTwins/1.jpg]VNSG[/img] De digitale spiegel van fysieke objecten draagt veel beloften in zich, maar vereist een goede inbedding in de complete automatisering. Dat dit nog niet zo eenvoudig is blijkt tijdens de bijeenkoms

Impact of the digital twin on the enterprise architecture

[img=/iMIS/images/Events/Industry 4.0 portfolio 2.png]VNSG[/img] Many companies are investigating the potential use of digital twins. One of the difficulties is to design an integrated solution architecture. Learn more about digital twins.

The impact of Industry 4.0 on the enterprise architecture

[img=/iMIS/images/Events/I4.0-topics.jpg]VNSG[/img] Industry 4.0 is disrupting relationships across manufacturers, customers and suppliers. Companies are adding sensors, making 'smart' things able to receive and share real-time information.

How can the SAP architecture support digital business transformation?

[img=/iMIS/images/Blogs/afbeelding foto frank luyckx.jpg]VNSG[/img] IoT, Industry 4.0, Block chain, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data science, Augmented reality, Robotics, Drones, Self driving vehicles.