SAP Cloud Platform IoT & Integration

BLOG: Rik Dingemans , Solution Consultant at QforIT B.V
05.06.2018  15.07 CET |  SAP IoT & Cloud Integration

On the 25th of April Q for IT and SAP hosted the SAP CodeJam about IoT Foundation and SAP Cloud Platform Integration. Several speakers from Q for IT and SAP covered interesting topics about integration and the Internet of Things. A very exciting and fully-packed CodeJam with lots of enthusiasts from all-over the community was the result.

SAP Leonardo IoT

Together with Frank Basten, presales SAP Cloud Platform and IoT, I had the honor to do the kick-off by introducing CodeJam-host and SAP Partner Q for IT. Frank positioned SAP Leonardo (IoT) as System of Innovation, a Mode-2 extension to the more or less traditional Mode-1 Systems of Record from SAP. The combination of Mode-1 and Mode-2 results in a Bi-modal landscape with a two-speed development cycle.

The programming model for IoT is shifting from being cloud-centric to a distributed edge-cloud model. 45% of all IoT data will be stored, processed, analyzed and acted upon at the edge. Real-world data can also be used in the core ERP application by using SAP Leonardo IoT Edge.

Key Takeaways

IoT & Integration: how to integrate real world data with analytical and transactional applications?

This is the question we answered during this inspiring day together with all participants. Some of the main lessons we learned:

  • Integration is the cornerstone for digital transformation across the entire SAP portfolio;
  • Increased scope of Integration in fast Evolving System Landscapes;
  • Bridging the systems of records with the systems of innovation;
  • Hyper Connected. Real-Time. Smart. Integrated.

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VNSG Academy SCP Integration & SAP Leonardo IOT workshop | 18 & 19 juni

Vind je bovenstaand blog interessant en wil je nog meer weten en je kennisniveau over SAP’s Integration Platform as a Service (extra) bijspijkeren? In een tweedaagse hands-on workshop praat dé integratie-specialist Udo Paltzer van  SAP Product Management jou bij over SAP Cloud Platform Integration én geeft hij een SAP Leonardo IOT Foundation Course.


Maandag 18 juni: SAP Cloud Platform Integration

    • SAP Cloud Platform Integration
    • Status Update, latest enhancements, customer scenarios, roadmap
    • Hands-On SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Dinsdag 19 juni SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation

    • SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation
    • Status Update, latest enhancements, customer scenarios, roadmap
    • Hands-On SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation

Dit is een hands-on workshop. Je neemt dan ook je eigen laptop mee. We starten beide dagen om 10.00 u en eindigen rond 17.00u. De workshop wordt gegeven bij SAP, Amerikastraat 10 in 's-Hertogenbosch.

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